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The Doctor exhibited 1891 by Sir Luke Fildes 1843-1927

Offered without comment: “The Doctor”

Cecco d'Ascoli

Astrology in pre-Renaissance medicine

            At a time Michelangelo made history with his hammer and chisel, medical students shuffled into lectures. One student in particular was Jacopo Berengario da Carpi (1460-1530CE). In a recent publication co-authored by myself, the claim that astrology played a major role in medicine was promoted. This article serves to […]

Illustration for the book, Little Peter, A Christmas Morality Charles Edmund Brock (1908)

Little Peter and his doctor

“Winter is coming.” Game of Thrones, a popular HBO program, incorporates this phrase into both its advertising and script with regularity. Insinuating impending danger, the audience [those unwilling to read the novels of George R. R. Martin] remains in suspense to the peril of winter in Westeros. Winter conjures thoughts of cold, desolate times in […]

George Gershwin (1898-1937)

Gershwin’s Final Overture

The sound of jazz music is a far cry from the synthesized pop music known well to millennials. Despite this departure from one of the most significant movements in American music, Jazz continues to hold a special place in the hearts of every American.


Bartolomeo Eustachi: Anatomical Cartographer

The Renaissance ushered in a new movement in medicine. One field to emerge from the Middle Ages with support from monastic healers was surgery. Surgeons, not associated with the Church, began to practice medicine under the guidance of GALEN’s anatomy and physiology. ANDREAS VESALIUS would challenge the ideas set forth by GALEN in the mid-1500’s, […]

"Portrait d'adolescent en Pierrot" Picasso 1922

Picasso and Dr. Grosset

The other day I was reading about the relationship between Michel Georges-Michel and Pablo Picasso. Michel was a French painter and author who was known among artists in Avant-garde Paris. Picasso was, well you know…Picasso! In Michel’s book “From Renoir to Picasso: Artists in Action” an anecdote is presented in which Picasso encounters a surgeon […]

"Drug Store" Edward Hopper (1927)

Hopper and his Pharmacy

The corner drug store is a staple in the community, carrying the sacred responsibility of accurately sorting and dispensing vital medication to patrons. When times were simple, the pharmacist was the proprietor of the store. Today you can still find drug stores relatively close to home, especially in New York City, but most likely it […]

"A L'Hopital Necker Ausculte Un Phtisique" Théobald Chartran (1849-1907)

5 Lessons Learned from Laënnec

René Laënnec was a French physician and flutist who, in 1816, invented the tool carried around by almost all medical professionals, the stethoscope. Prior to the invention of the stethoscope, a physician would have to place their ear on the patient’s chest and shake them vigorously. This was known as the Hippocratic succussion, and was the most prevalent technique to listen […]

"Blood flow through the aortic valve"  The Royal Collection

Leonardo and his sketches

The 2012 Summer Olympics are set to begin this July in London, England. These games embody raw, human performance set upon the world alter. Properly, The Queens Gallery at Buckingham Palace is presenting their own homage to human endurance per Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical studies.



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